Our Intensive Day Treatment Service is a comprehensive program designed to address the needs of youth (ages 10-17) who have been adjudicated by juvenile court, whose problematic behavior puts them at risk for an out-of-home placement.

This program uses the concepts of positive youth development (in the areas of home, community and school) to provide services to help youth successfully complete their supervision and refrain from new delinquent acts.

The goal is to improve decision making, and assist parents in establishing clear, consistent rules and age appropriate expectations. Because of the intensity of the program, our Youth Workers have daily face to face contact with the child, at least one times per day, and conducts daily early afternoon and late checks of the child’s whereabouts.

Our Family Support Specialist conducts family meetings once per week, to ensure that treatment goals are being met. This program provides services 24/7 365 days of the week due to the intensity of services.


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